CrossLink Ministries

CrossLink Publishing selects a limited number of manuscripts for publishing and distribution each year.

What are we looking for?
Christian themed books, primarily study books, devotionals, etc.
How do I get started?
1. Participate in an editing service to evaluate and represent your work. CrossLink publishes from authors recommended by the Writers Edge (
2. CrossLink does accept a limited number of unsolicited manuscripts. Complete our Publisher Submission Form for consideration.
You will be asked to provide:
  - Author biograhpy
  - Statement of intent which must address 2 areas:
    a. Why should CrossLink publish your book? What makes it special? Why did you          write the book? What sets it apart from other books in the same category?
    b. What is your marketing and promotion plan?
    c. Author Bio
    d. Complete Manuscript

What does CrossLink do?
If your book is accepted for publishing, CrossLink will:
1.  format your manuscript for printing,
2.  provide illustrations as appropriate,
3.  purchase your ISBN number and produce the copyright page,
4.  produce the cover design,
5.  set the retail price,
6.  print pre-publication proof for author's approval,
7.  print publication copies,
8.  provide 2 free author copies.
9.  distribute your book via BrowkerLink and the Ingram Distribution Channels,
10. provide complete order fulfillment, including shipping, and
11. pay your royalties semi-annually.

What does this cost me?
There is no cost to the author. CrossLink is a royalty-based publishing house and carefully evaluates manuscripts in that light. Read author agreement here.
What are my responsibilities?
If accepted for publication, you will need to provide a final, print-ready, grammatically correct, complete manuscript in electronic format (MS Word preferred).
In addition, you must be willing to market your book to generate sales and profits for yourself. Absent that effort, books by new authors typically sell about 100 copies and once family and friends have a copy, the book reaches it production life of about 6 months.
CrossLink will provide additional marketing ideas through our monthly author newsletter and other channels such as the BookCrash Book Review Program.
How much will I earn?
Traditional publishing houses pay royalties of 7-1/2% of net price (after publisher's costs), and 10% of net after 5,000 copies are sold. Crosslink has adopted a simplified royalty agreement that returns 10% of list price of all copies sold back to the author. For example, the net proceeds on a $20 book will amount to approximately $4.00 per copy.  After selling 5,000 copies through a traditional publisher, you will receive $2,000 in royalties compared to the $10,000 you will receive with a CrossLink publishing contract.

Here's how it works.
For a book with a list price of $20, CrossLink must wholesale it to Amazon, Borders and others at 45% of list or $9.00 per copy. That way, you get the widest distribution possible for your book. After paying royalties of $2 per book, CrossLink must exact its expenses from the remaining $7.00 (formatting, cover design, ISBN acquisition, printing prep, printing, and distribution).

After paying expenses and royalties, CrossLink may not break even on publishing a book for several years. This payment schedule and philosophy reflect our commitment to publishing good Christian books. We look forward to publishing yours!
How CrossLink Publishing differs from traditional publishing houses:  
Other PublishersCrossLink Publishing
Royalties7 - 10% of Net
(after publisher's costs)
10% of Retail
Royalties on Author CopiesNo Royalties PaidStandard Royalties Paid
Author Copies35-45% Discount55% Discount
Author Copy RestrictionsPersonal Use Only; Cannot be resold.No Restrictions on Use or Resale.
IllustrationsAuthor PaysCrossLink Pays
CommitmentOwnership of next 2 worksNone
AcceptanceWithin 6 monthsWithin 7 days
Time to Publish6 months3 months
Marketing & DistributionVariable; usually publishers own websiteBrowker Database and the
Ingram Distribution Channel
(includes over 30,000 wholesalers, retailers and booksellers), including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Baker & Taylor, Alibris, Bertrams, Gardners and others.
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